Over the past few years, I don't remember noticing as many tourists here on the SouthCoast as I have this summer. It must be because COVID-19 has me hyper-alert for out-of-towners, but I feel like I'm hearing a lot of New York accents while I'm waiting in my socially distanced lines.

I was waiting in line this weekend at the grocery store when a family of New Yorkers asked me a question that blew my mind. Even though they were wearing Yankees and Giants t-shirts, they seemed like nice enough people, but I couldn't believe it when they asked me this question.

"Where's the nearest Red Lobster?" the mom asked.

Red Lobster?!?!?! Guys, you're in New Bedford, Massachusetts. You don't go to Red Lobster for seafood. You go to Turk's or the Cove, or one of the hundred other local seafood places serving FRESH seafood. I THINK there was a Red Lobster in Dartmouth back in the mid-90s, but I think it went out of business because, you know, we're in the world capital for fresh seafood.

It made me think about other things you just don't say to someone from the SouthCoast. I asked the Fun 107 audience, and here are a few of the ones you came up with:

1. "Oh, I love it there on the Cape."
2. "Why is your chow mein brown? And why the heck is it in a sandwich?"
3. "Why are there so many Dunkins here?"
4. "Linguiça is better than chourico." Or worse, "What's linguica?"
5. "Oh, I hate the Patriots."
6. "What's a Chippi?"
7. "Why is your kitchen in your basement?"

Can you think of any?

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