On July 2nd, 2016, New Bedford said goodbye to one of its morning staples: Ma's Donuts. After more than 60 years in business, the Acushnet Avenue landmark closed its doors for good.

The mouth-watering smells of fresh-brewed coffee and homemade, hand-cut donuts would fill the surrounding area, enticing anyone who passed by the storefront.

Man, I miss those delicious honey-dipped donuts.

These days, I still see Sheila and Eddie Lemieux, co-owners of the business, down at Scramblers in Fairhaven. We have breakfast at the same table and converse about the historic business and the retirement life (that is, of course, before COVID-19 hit the area).

I would constantly say to them, "Oh, what I'd do to sink my teeth into a freshly-made donut just once more" and that's when it dawned on me: what WOULD I actually do for one more donut?

Here's what I came up with:

  • Shove an entire pizza roll in my mouth the second it gets out of the microwave.
  • Go without technology for 24 hours including cell phone, TV and social media.
  • Run a half-marathon.
  • One week of community service, picking up litter.
  • Binge-watch Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills or whatever from the first episode to the finale.
  • Let a murder hornet sting my arm.
  • Wait in line for three hours.

Now, to clarify, some of these things may seem easy to some, but again, these are things that are either tough for me, outside of my comfort zone, or just not my cup of tea.

Sure, anyone could watch the entire series of Desperate Housewives, but personally, I've only been able to get through two minutes of that dumpster fire of a show. Also, don't confuse community service to be something I dislike, I actually don't mind it and would be willing to work for the honey – honey-dipped, that is.

You show me one person that you know who's willing to sacrifice a deadly bee sting for a donut and I'll show you someone who's undying love for Ma's is the real deal.

Keep your Klondike bars, I'm a man who knows what he likes and what he would do for it.

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