You've heard of "KiKi," but have you heard of "Finnee"?

Well, a seven-month-old New Bedford native by the name of Infinitee ("Finnee" for short) is showing the world her love for Drake's "In My Feelings" song. If you're familiar with the "KiKi Challenge" that has taken over the internet, people have been jumping out of moving cars to perform a choreographed set of dance moves.

One of Drake's lines asks if KiKi is "riding," in which case you put your arm straight out as if you're holding onto an imaginary steering wheel. Well, at  seven months, little Finnee has an interest in the viral song and when she hears "are you riding?" she can be seen carrying out the dance move.

Don't believe me? Watch for yourself!

Oddly enough, she's barely old enough to walk by herself, but has no problem groovin' to a little Drake, making this captured moment the ultimate "KiKi Challenge."


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