Friday will be the first full day of spring 2020 and it will also be a day to see three planets in the night sky.

Technically it might be a morning sky, because you're going to have to get up before sunrise to see the celestial show.

But hey, many of us are 'social distancing' and working from home so you can totally got to work in your pajamas after the early morning wake up call.

So if seeing Jupiter, Mars and Saturn in the sky sounds worth it, then set our alarm.

According to, March has a couple of opportunities to see multiple planets in the night sky. And Friday March 20 is the first one.

Sunrise will be around 7:53 a.m. on Friday, so you don't have to wake up in the middle of the night or anything.

Just get outside before the sun starts to light up the sky (6:30 or so should do it), make sure you are somewhere without too many city lights and look up.

A constellation app could definitely help here, because you'll need to first find Sagittarius. Find the leftmost star in this pattern of stars and then look down.

You should see two bright objects close together and not twinkling like the stars nearby.

This is Jupiter and Mars, Jupiter being the larger, slightly higher one.

And then off to the left of these planets you'll find another large shining object that doesn't twinkle and this is Saturn.

All three should be seen with just your eyes, but you'll certainly see these planets clearer and closer with either binoculars or a telescope if you have one.

It'll probably take a little searching, but hey maybe turn the search into an astronomy lesson for the kids.

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