Sean Kingston is back with a new song as part of his new weekly music series “Feed the Streets,” in which he drops new music every Thursday. To help kick off his series, he grabs fellow yardie Busta Rhymes for the song ‘How We Survive.’

Kingston definitely knows something about survival. The 22-year-old singer almost lost his life in a jet-ski accident last year. After several weeks in a coma and two-open heart surgeries, Kingston is getting a second lease on life.

‘How We Survive’ is a celebratory song that smoothly mixes dancehall sounds with pop flourishes as Kingston encourages everyone to have fun in the club and leave their troubles behind. “You only live once no matter what they say / We party from Kingston to M-I-A,” he sings. “It’s a concrete jungle outside but we are in here / Lighters in the sky put them high let me see them.”

Bussa-Buss drops in and spits a rapid flow using a Jamaican patois. “Put all my money in a bag / Hermes, everything is swag / Too many broads can’t fit in the whip / Everybody else get in a cab,” he raps.

Kingston is still working on his third album ‘Back 2 Life,’ which features guest appearances from Shakira and Wiz Khalifa. The collection is expected to drop in the fall.

Listen to Sean Kingston, ‘How We Survive’ Feat. Busta Rhymes

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