Not sure who Chelsea is or the person who this note is intended for, but someone's in trouble!

Ever since I moved to New Bedford, it's been far from boring. While walking to Gary's Best Hot Dogs for some delicious hot dogs to pair with the gorgeous weather we've been having, I found the most confusing, yet scandalous note.

How I found this note, I'm not exactly sure. Pure luck I suppose? At first, it just looked like a crumpled up napkin that someone dropped, but after looking closer, I legit "Laughed Out Loud"!


The napkin reads:

"You left your pants at Chelsea's house.... AGAIN! Don't bother coming home."

Wait a second... "AGAIN"?! Whoever this was intended for clearly didn't learn the first time. Regardless, the mysterious messenger is clearly out of chances to give.

As for the person this note was for, best of luck to you! Hopefully you have somewhere to go... Just remember your pants this time.

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