Earlier today (September 3rd, 2015), Michael Rock from the Fun Morning Show connected with New Bedford's Samantha Johnson to hear what she thought and had to say about being eliminated from America's Got Talent.

The Video posted below will explain word for word her exact feelings towards the situation, but in closing remarks, Johnson had a message for her loving and supportive community. Through the nerves that took a stronghold of her body and mind last night, she continued to do what she pursued in the competition and gave her very best.

Although there was a bit of talk about whether or not her last song choice by The Weeknd (Weekend) was her best one, but you can hear her side of the story here. Regardless of what could have been or what lies ahead of her next, Johnson continues to stay humble through even the toughest times and letdowns of her career.

There is a confidence within her and a relief knowing that this is not the end of her road and she's not alone with that statement.

This is merely the beginning for Johnson and we are excited and anxious to see what she has in store for us next.


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