Law & Order star Sam Waterston was spotted grabbing some breakfast this morning in downtown New Bedford.

Brianna Borges is a 21-year-old waitress and barista at Tia Maria's European Cafe.  She's worked there for two years, but has never bumped into a celebrity.  She says a customer came up to her this morning even before Mr. Waterston walked into the cafe located behind the Whaling Museum on North Water Street.  One of the other customers in the cafe had recognized the man parking his car as Sam Waterston, who has summered in Mattapoisett for decades.

Borges tells Fun 107 that as soon as she saw that Waterston was heading into the restaurant, she quickly called the owner, who immediately made her way back to the cafe.

The 77-year-old Waterston cheerfully posed for the picture above, while his friend joked that no one ever wanted HIS picture unless he was eating with Sam.

Borges says she's never seen either of the men at the cafe before this morning.

What did Sam Waterston order?  "Surprisingly, just some coffee and crackers!  He wanted some brownies, but we didn't have any left."

"I wouldn't have expected a celebrity like that to be so nice, but he really was very, very friendly.  He was fun," says Borges.

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