I've only lived in Mattapoisett for a little over 20 years (by Mattapoisett standards, I'm still a newbie in town). Even though I'm still new to town, I know the kinds of things that qualify as breaking news. That's why I was so shocked to learn that Rustico Pizza has been quietly delivering to Mattapoisett and Marion for about a month or so. Nothing earth shattering in Marion, as they've seemingly always had Santoro's, but huge news for Mattapoisett.

According to the owner, Al Menino, the pizza shop has launched a beta version of their delivery service.

"It's sort of trial and error at the moment until we get it right, then we will move forward and deliver whenever we are open," he said.

I'm raking my mind to remember, but I honestly can't think of another restaurant, particularly pizza, that has delivered to the entire town. There have been places (like Papa Gino's) that have delivered to pockets of town (read: the village), but if there's been another restaurant that has delivered to the entire town, they are either out of business, or I can't remember them, or both.

When Rustico opened its doors one year ago, the owners of Nick's Pizza told us that the might consider delivering under the new circumstances, but so far there has been no change.

Menino also gave Fun 107 the scoop that he is soft targeting an open to a Rustico dining room in roughly 3-4 weeks.

"My kids keep teasing me, asking me if the restaurant is going to open in two weeks," Menino joked. "We are painfully close to opening the dining room."

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