Before we "jump" to conclusions, a rumored trampoline park might be coming to New Bedford.

A company called Funz Trampoline Park released a website that pretty much only shows a non-clickable one-page ad stating the following:

Skepticism immediately kicked in after noticing a possible typo in the sentence: "Coming Soon to Bedford." Bedford is a much different city than New Bedford and is easily mistaken when referenced, but at a closer look, the address at the bottom of the ad makes complete sense. This could very well just be a mistake.

It's not set in stone that is even a true story, but after researching the address listed, the puzzle pieces began to fit. First of all, to have an indoor trampoline park, you'll need a lot of space with tall ceilings. It makes you think, where on Kings Highway meets the specific criteria? Answer: Work Out World (W.O.W.)!

Google Maps

Lastly, a local from New Bedford spotted a sign on Kings Highway that clearly attracted attention to the business's new location site.

If in fact, this rumor is true, this will be a game changer for parents on rainy vacation days. No more long drives to the nearest trampoline park when it could very well be right here in New Bedford's backyard.