If you missed any this week, here are the answers to the Morning Mindbenders on the Rock and Fox Show.

Monday 6/3

Question: About 25% of women today are not happy with THIS happening on the first date?

Answer: hugging

Tuesday 6/4

Question:  In 2019, the average age of THIS happening is 31?

Answer:  financial independence from parents

Wednesday 6/5

Question: According to a new survey, 1 in 4 of us have not used THIS in six months?

Answer: landline phone

Thursday 6/6

Question:  The #1 place to lose a cell phone is in between the seats in vehicle, what is the #2 place?

Answer: laundry basket

Friday 6/7

Question:  More than a quarter of people do this while at work?

Answer: snoop through a co-workers desk


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