Why watch the movie for the 500th time when you can take yourself on your own guided tour? (We won't judge you if you watch it for the 500th, or 1,000th time though.) 

I've already marked my calendar for the days that Hocus Pocus is playing on T.V. and I've got my days to head out to Salem mapped out, too. Now I can combine two of my favorite things about the Halloween season thanks to Amanda and her Life at Clover Hill blog. She outlined a fully self-guided tour in Salem that puts you at all the important places from Hocus Pocus. 

The first stop on the tour is, of course, at Max and Dani's house. You can take photos of the outside but it is a private residence to be respectful. If you want to stop at Allison's house, that building is publicly owned and operated as a museum so you can take actual tours. Beware: it is rumored to be haunted!

Rope's Mansion
Rope's Mansion

You can then make your way to Old Town Hall (where Max's parents held their big Halloween party) and to Salam Commons which is where Allison pretends to give Max her number in the movie.

There are a few other spots in town that you will recognize from the movie. And even if you don't, you can find so many great spooky spots that are perfect for photo-ops and for exploring.

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