Rihanna took to Twitter this morning in a fit of rage over CBS canceling her Thursday Night Football intro. According to USA Today, CBS pulled her intro due to the Ray Rice controversy when all she would be singing was a rendition of "Run This Town" alongside Kanye West. Of course, Rihanna was not happy about this decision and wrote a tweet expressing her anger to CBS.

Via Twitter

Being a domestic violence victim and survivor herself, Rihanna stated that she feels penalized for the abuse that happened to her 5 years ago and that was the main reason why CBS did not want to run her intro last week but rather, pushed it up to this Thursday.

Personally, I think CBS was wrong by not allowing Rihanna to perform.  It seemed to me like canceling her performance was a punishment!  Rihanna did nothing wrong, and should not be penalized.  I could almost understand if they had Chris Brown scheduled, and then canceled his performance, due to the nature of the Ray Rice controversy...but to cancel Rihanna?  No.

Rihanna has called CBS out to all of her 37 million followers on Twitter. They just made a very bad situation worse for themselves.

Rihanna followed up her tweet with another one that just proclaimed, "The audacity..."