An endangered North Atlantic right whale got seriously tangled in heavy rope and looked like he might not make it. Lucky for him, some amazing rescue teams on the Cape were ready to step in.

The videos of this rescue do not do the full story justice.

These small clips of what actually took hours show how crazy close these teams got to the troubled whale.

According to, crews worked for several hours to try and free this whale that had somehow survived from Canada to the Cape tangled in this rope.

Could you travel from Canada to the Cape with your mouth tangled shut? That's insane. The poor whale had whale lice and was nearly starved by the time he got here.

Sounds terrible, but it must have known these people were there to help him, because he reportedly stayed fairly still while they worked to get him loose.

I always find it amazing when such enormous creatures understand that little old humans are there to help them. Somehow that blows my mind.

And the creativity of these rescue teams is pretty mind-blowing, too.

They used specialized arrows fired from crossbows and hooked knives attached to poles to work the ropes loose and get the whale free.

And the story says he was relatively free when he finally submerged and swam away from the rescue teams. Free enough to eat, at least.

The 18-year-old male right whale was identified by the team from the New England Aquarium and they are going to keep their eye out for him to see if he is improving or not.

Hopefully, he does nothing but improve and steers clear of any other ropes floating out there.

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