Some kids cry on planes, but a 2-year-old boy from Cranston, Rhode Island couldn’t get enough of his flight experience as the plane landed at TF Green Airport.

As the plane hit the tarmac, Niko Detroia shouted “Yea, baby!” and his Aunt got it all on camera.

She posted it to TikTok and the internet fell in love with him.

In just a few days, the video has close to 400,000 views.

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The Story Behind the Video

The Detroia family took a trip to West Palm Beach for a family vacation, and on the way there, Niko’s grandparents told him to get excited.

“On the flight there, his Nanny and Papa told him to say, ‘Yeah, baby!’ so we were anticipating that he would do it on the flight home,” said Niko’s mom, Kelli-Lynne. “The plane was landing, and all of a sudden, he screamed it.”

His joyful reaction to arriving home got a big reaction from his fellow passengers, and after Kelli-Lynne’s sister posted it online, Niko’s contagious joy spread like wildfire.

“The next day after she posted it, it had about 100-thousand views,” said Kelli-Lynne.

As of Friday afternoon, it has 343,000.

It’s nice to see that not all flights are stressful, and Niko’s parents are not surprised that their son is spreading this much joy.

“Our friends like to call him the mayor because he just gets along with everyone and he loves making people laugh,” said Kelli-Lynne. “He clearly likes to fly, it’s great.”

Get a dose of serotonin and watch the moment Niko hypes up the landing. We need more Niko's on flights.

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