A popular brand of hair dryer is being recalled for safety reasons. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the dryer and its power cord have the risk of over heating, catching fire, burning, and causing electrical shocks.

More than 235,000 Xtava Allure and Allure Pro hair dryers are being recalled. This is after at 193 people have reported that their hair dryers overheated, melted, exploded or caught fire while being used, according to the government website.

Several people reported burns to the fingers, and one user reported a severe burn caused by the hair dryer. The alert says the owners of the hair dryers should stop using them immediately.

The units were sold between October of 2014 and August, 2018, at Walmart, Amazon, Ebay and at the Xtava website. If you own one of these hair dryers you are asked to contact the company. You can do that by clicking HERE.

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