We were invited to the Ashley School in New Bedford yesterday to help celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday. In memory of the legendary children's author, the school has renewed it's commitment to encouraging daily reading with their students.

Christine, Gazelle and I went to the school and read Dr. Seuss's story The Sneetches. The book is about celebrating diversity in one another and judging people for their character instead of what they look like on the outside.

We decided to go Facebook Live with the story so that parents would have the chance to play it back for their kids before bed.

Not caught on video was a great discussion with the second graders about the importance of reading. Christine and I told that class about how we read to our kids every night. Now our kids have a love of reading that is so great that they read on their own.

When I was young, my bedtime was eight o'clock, but I had the choice to read until 8:30. I'd always take advantage of the opportunity and would sometimes "sneak" in a few extra minutes of reading. Talk about great parenting! My mom totally knew I was going into overtime with the reading but didn't care. Why would she be upset if I was reading? What a great plan.

Each of the kids pledged to the Fun 107 team that they would go home every night this week and read for 15-20 minutes before bedtime. All these years later, Dr. Seuss is still inspiring the best in our children. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

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