Traveling these days is far from a walk in the park.

While traveling to Park City, Utah and departing from Logan International Airport in Boston, I was subjected to an embarrassing life experience.

There I was, standing approximately 12 feet away from the advanced TSA body scanners, my boots in one hand and my belt in the other. I had already taken my laptop out of my backpack, removed all jewelry and triple-checked my pockets for any metallic objects. Needless to say, I was prepped and ready to walk through security with the utmost confidence. I couldn't have been more wrong.

"Step inside (the x-ray machine), sir, and place your hands over your head, please," the TSA security officer asked politely.

I followed his instructions to a tee.

"You can step forward now, please wait on the yellow line," the TSA officer instructed as I waited patiently. But what happened next left me puzzled.

As I stepped out of the body scanner, I turned around to a screen that had a bright yellow spot highlighting my pelvic region as if I had something to hide—something that the x-ray machine didn't approve of.

"Please spread your legs, sir," the TSA guard said sternly.

I could feel at that very moment dozens of eyes on me, watching eagerly, wondering why I was about to get patted down. Well, I was wondering why that area, since I knew there were only boxer briefs and jeans.

The TSA officer proceeded to tell me what he was about to search (as he snapped on a pair of blue rubber gloves). I started to sweat for no apparent reason, but most likely from embarrassment. He swiped around the area and then was called off by his co-worker as he told me I was "good to go."


What could that large yellow spot be on that specific area? I needed answers, so I called a good friend who works for Logan's TSA who told me the following:

"It happens all the time, the yellow box on the screen is what we call an anomaly. It happens whenever the body scanner doesn't recognize something as normal." -TSA, Logan International, Boston, MA

Ummm, I'm not too sure how to feel about that, but I'll take it!


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