College move-in day is all about the student. Or is it?

Providence College managed to portray a POV that you may not have considered, but it has become a widely popular trend on TikTok. The POV of “The Dad.”

With over 17-thousand views, PC honed in on this latest trend to highlight the many dad characters that come with move-in day, and they are all too relatable.

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Whether it’s “Airport Dad” or “Home Depot Dad”, pinpointing iconic Dad-like behavior has resulted in a series of hilarious TikToks that highlight the “dad habits” that so many children have experienced over the years.

All over the country, dads are loading up vehicles, attempting one trip from the car to the dorm, and making friends with the RA or other dads. PC just managed to catch it on video.

“Friar Dads get more done,” said the school as a slew of dads take on their respective roles on campus.

The "Pillow Pack Mule", the “I got this” Dad, and the “Building Things” Dad were all in attendance.

It’s basically the sub-culture of college move-in day.

“I think I did all these things,” said one online user.

“Love this! Reminds me of all that my father did to help out when I was moving in 30 years ago!” said another.

Dads on move-in day are unique characters, but let’s be real, so are moms.

It’s your move, PC. I think we’ll need a Part. 2, Mom edition.

For now, enjoy these Iconic Frirar Dad Moments on Move-In Day, 2023.

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