With most Americans practicing social distancing, we found it harder to hold our weekly She Shed talks. Once we figured out how to connect with one another, we thought what better topic to talk about?

A friend of mine who actually started her radio career at Fun 107 over 10 years ago lives in Washington state, where the very first case of the coronavirus was found in a 35-year-old man on January 19. I wanted to chat with her to see how the state was handling the now-pandemic. She had a lot to say and was clearly frustrated with how it's been handled so far.

Take a listen to this week's She Shed with Deanna Cruz. Now clearly she and I are practicing social distancing since she is on the other side of the country, but thanks to technology, we were able to connect.

There is no doubt the seriousness of this COVID-19 virus is real and so is the impact it has made on the world. On the upside, we are emitting a lot less CO2 into the atmosphere due to o fewer cars on the road and fewer airplanes in the air.

Really, the only way most of us are going to get through this is staying strong and focused. This is a great time for self care and self reflection.

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