Don't let the oddly warmer weather fool you, the water was frigid.
My friends and I have a tradition. Every New Year's Day, we gather together and jump into the frigid waters of the Westport River at the Back Eddy Restaurant.

The best part about the plunge is that anyone who jumps gets a delicious complimentary brunch. Freeze your buns off and eat for free?! Now that's my kind of deal!

Each year, it seems as though the line to participate in the plunge gets larger and longer. This year, it was to the point where it had to be capped off:


Luckily, my crew is a bunch of professionals when it comes to planning and reserved our spots weeks beforehand, rolling deep with a 12-person entourage that even included a good friend from South Africa, who traveled quite a distance to take the plunge.

Here's how it went:

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