A new mystery series set in Plymouth is hitting the bookshelves, and local author Pamela Kelley is excited to release her latest project that offers suspense and local attraction for Southeastern Massachusetts readers.

Pamela Kelley is originally from the Cape and began writing for fun many years ago. She didn’t get serious with it until she moved to Plymouth about eight years ago and met her new neighbor, who happened to be a mystery writer. It got the wheels turning for her to fully commit as an author, and after a few years, her casual hobby turned into a lucrative business as she found herself on USA Today and Wall Street Journal’s bestselling author lists.

Kelley admittedly battled a lot of nerves when it came time to write her newly released mystery novel called Plymouth Undercover.

“I was on a roll with sweet romances, but I always wanted to do mysteries,” Kelley said.

She came up with a clever way of taking some of the pressure off her shoulders by getting her readers to help in the editing process.

“I only wrote (this book) on Sundays," she said. "Every Sunday, I would write a couple of chapters, and I would send it out to fans of my previous books. They got really invested and would give me feedback.”

Kelley’s creation began to take shape thanks to the gracious hands of her followers, allowing her nerves of producing a successful book to ease and get back to enjoying the process of developing a story.

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This will be a fun read for local mystery lovers as Kelley likes to put real places in her stories.

“Real restaurants, real places, like Geller’s Ice Cream and The Blue-Eyed Crab," she said, will show up on the pages of Kelley’s new novel, and as a self-described foodie, she tends to throw in recipes for her readers. She is my kind of author.

“I had a lot of fun with this book,” Kelley said. “Even if it doesn’t sell at all, I’m going to write another one.”

Writing a book is one thing but being passionate about your craft and having confidence in your product is a level that some people tend to struggle with. Kelley is confident in her story telling and is excited to offer a new series alongside her other successful novels.

Plymouth Undercover is officially out now. Visit Pamela Kelley's website to find out how to get your hands on the South Shore's newest mystery.

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