When Pam Mcduffie took the stage for the debut of the band Phoenix Rising, she was ready for anything. She was the lead singer and this was the first time the band would play together, so it was important to be able to roll with the punches.

One thing she hadn't anticipated, however, was jumping off stage and saving someone's life.

But that's exactly what happened Saturday night in New Bedford.

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Phoenix Rising was on stage in the middle of their set at Whaler Inn and Suites when Mcduffie saw that there was something wrong.  A man was having a medical event on the dancefloor below.  Lucky for him, the inn had several registered nurses in attendance.

One of them happened to be onstage.


"We were playing, and I noticed Darlene Lovegrove was doing CPR. I told the guys that we had to stop playing because a gentleman went down, but they didn't hear me so they kept playing.  So, I jumped down off-stage and poor Darlene had been doing CPR for a little while, which can be very tiring. I sat down with her and luckily I could squeeze in and give her a hand.  We were able to revive him, and I hope Mr. Rocha does OK.  It's not what we expected tonight."

Mcduffie told us that she's been a registered nurse for 30 years, but she has never needed to administer CPR before Saturday night.

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