You certainly don't see this every day.

In honor of his 60th birthday and upcoming retirement, a teacher at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School decided to show off his impressive skateboarding skills, proving that age is just a number when you're a kid at heart.

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On Wednesday afternoon, the school posted a video of Mr. Paul Sleight, a Graphic Comm and Design teacher at the school. The video shows the lively teacher doing a handstand on a skateboard as he travels down a hill on campus.

When he gets to the bottom of the hill, he gracefully lands on his feet and strolls back up the if it's totally normal to see a 60-year-old perform skateboard stunts.

"Happy 60th birthday to Mr. Sleight, who will be retiring this November," said the school online. "It's been a great ride. Thank you for your dedicated service and 'glass half full' approach."

Mr. Sleight may be retiring next month, but this 60-year-old shows no signs of slowing down. His thirst for a good thrill will always keep him young, and from the looks of the comments online, this teacher has been busting moves on his skateboard for many years.

"Crazy he's still doing this so many years later!" said one person.

"One of the best (teachers) ever! Congrats on an amazing career and inspiring kids," said another.

With this short video, one thing is clear. Mr. Sleight exudes a fresh, young energy that was no doubt contagious in and out of his classroom.

Check out Mr. Sleight's skills in the video below.

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