When I read that the owners of the Parting Ways Gas Station at the four corners intersection in Acushnet sold the business, I couldn't believe it.

Parting Ways Gas is a landmark in Acushnet. They've been a family-owned and operated business for decades, for as long as I can remember.

I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and came upon a post in the "All Things Acushnet" group that said they were selling the business and that it looked as if it might eventually become a Cumberland Farms or a New England Farms operation. There are more than 80 comments from local people who either live in Acushnet or pass through often enough that they have stopped to fill up at Parting Ways Gas several times.

A staple business in the very small town of Acushnet like Parting Ways would be sorely missed if it closed up, only to become a corporate-type of business. My husband and I like to give our business to the local small guys and Parting Ways is one of them.

There was this one time when I got a nail stuck in my tire and it didn't take long for that tire go completely flat. I could have swung into one of those "big business" places but my husband suggested I stop into Parting Ways to see what they could do for me. They were very busy and the worker who helped me took no more than 10 minutes to patch my tire and send me on my way. I was so thankful and asked him, "Well, how much do I owe you for this?"

His reply? "Um, just five bucks will be fine."

I couldn't believe it. That same job would have cost me four times that somewhere else. I won't "fill up" anywhere else because of the help and great customer service they gave me that day.

We spoke with the guys at Parting Ways and they assured us they are not going anywhere. All of the employees are keeping their jobs. No big business, just the same good old small-town service we've always received from them.

And as Acushnet residents, we are really happy about that.⛽️

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