There always seems to be some sort of internet challenge going around, but the latest teen trend is extremely dangerous.

One school system is warning parents about the disturbing 'Blue Whale Challenge' that has shown up on two school campuses in Alabama.

The game is said to encourage kids to kill themselves.

According to a social worker with the schools, the "game" has shown up on school computers and kids are talking about it...but what is it?

The 'Blue Whale Challenge' or 'Blue Whale Game' was reportedly started in Russia and is said to encourage kids to kill themselves.

The basic concept is you sign up to play the game, agree to follow instructions over the course of 50 days and then are given tasks like cutting yourself or listening to certain music (quite the range of tasks) and you 'win' when you complete the final task of killing yourself on day 50.

Sick, right?

So how true is this?

According to, no suicides have been definitively linked to this game, though there were "shocking photographs of self-injury like cutting marked with the game’s hashtags."

But whether the game is leading to more teen suicides or just more teen self-injury, parents should be made aware...and that's just what the Alabama school system is trying to do.

It's not easy, but being aware of what you're kids are doing online and who they are interacting with is a MUST.

This new online 'challenge' could spread anywhere and it could be a serious issue.

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