I had plans to travel to Paris and Ireland with my mom and daughter last March. I don't need to tell you how those plans turned out.

God willing, we'll finally have a chance to take this dream trip to Europe in August. With less than two weeks before we travel, though, I found myself unsure of exactly what we needed to do in order to be eligible to not only fly, but to enter the nations that we'll be visiting.

There are so many questions. While everyone in our family is fully vaccinated, we are unsure if we'll need to get a COVID test three days before traveling from the U.S. to France. What about the trip from France to Ireland? Would Ireland need to see another current COVID test? Finally, with the return trip to the States, would we need to get yet another negative test to show?

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It seems as if each website I visited had its own version of what needed to be done, and with policies changing so rapidly, sometimes by the day, it is nearly impossible to know what information is out of date.

There are so many people on the SouthCoast with a vested interest in traveling to places like Lisbon and the Azores, I thought it would be helpful to share what I discovered.

I committed myself to waiting on hold with my airline for as long as it took to talk with an actual person. When they finally picked up, they shared some awesome info that made it well worth the wait.

I was told that a majority of the airlines use the same website to follow the policies of different countries. That website is called Iatatravelcentre.com. This site will walk you through your travel dates, destinations and documents. It is updated daily with the information you'll need to travel internationally. You'll know what documents you'll need to bring to the airport and what tests you'll need to take in advance of travel.

I hope it is as useful to your family as it has been to mine. Please share it with people you think will benefit. Bon voyage!

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