Just in case you didn’t get enough of the heritage driven Portuguese Feast of The Blessed Sacrament, Our Lady of Angels out of Fairhaven, MA is continuing the tradition tonight in honor of Sao Miguel, an island in the Azores. 

It’s the 70th annual Feast of Our Lady of Angels and what an event it’s panned out to be. If you're in the Fairhaven area, head over to the grounds of Our Lady of Angels Catholic Association located at 7 Jesse St. in Fairhaven. This is a three day event that kicks off at 5 PM tonight and will end at midnight.

The Feast offers entertainment, auctions and traditional Portuguese and American food. As for Sunday, the grounds re-open from noon to midnight and once more on Labor Day from noon to 10 PM. Although gates open at 5 PM tonight, the initial feast kick-off begins at 7 PM.

You can catch the lighting of Our Lady’s Statue around this time following the procession from Benoit Square to main street and ending at St. Mary’s Church. The procession will be lead by the Our Lady of Light Marching Band from Fall River, MA. As for the remainder of the day, you can enjoy the group ‘Impulse’ as they perform on central grounds.

Jack Gomes and his band will perform on Sunday from 1:30-5:30 PM followed by the ‘Sailors’ from 8 PM to midnight.

Lastly, Labor Day entertainment will be performed by the group ‘Faith’ from 6-10PM. A giant auction will take place throughout the weekend with all proceeds going towards charity.