As if Oprah Winfrey wasn't powerful enough on her own, now the talk show great has Starbucks on her side for a new venture.

Starbucks Sign
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

At the Starbucks annual meeting today, the audience was excited and surprised to see Oprah Winfrey joined CEO Howard Schultz on stage to announce a new venture the two powerhouses are pairing on.

Seems Oprah is not only a magazine and a network, she is now also a tea. Chai tea to be exact.

I am a huge fan of tea, love it more than I do coffee and I guess Oprah feels that way too.

The TV mogul has chosen Starbucks Teavana as the first brand she has ever aligned herself with. EVER.

Oprah has literally never shilled for any product in all of her years on TV. Kind of amazing if you think about how quickly people cash in a become spokespeople of some sort these days. Oprah has never done it. Until now.

So why Teavana?

According to O,

"Starbucks is about nurturing the human spirit, [and] that is my goal in life and what my brand has become."

So if you enjoy tea as much as myself and Oprah, you can try the new Teavana Oprah Chai which was personally developed by Oprah and features an infusion of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves.

You can start to sample it shortly before Mother's Day at Teavana and Starbucks stores in the US and Canada.

And in case you were wondering this is not an endorsement deal for Oprah, all proceeds that Winfrey makes will go to youth education charities. Love that!

So will you try and Oprah Chai?

Cup with tea bag on saucer