Dear sister,

Let me just say that when you first offered to host Thanksgiving after about a dozen years of festivities taking place at my house, I was thrilled. A break from the planning, prepping, cooking and cleaning to kick back and enjoy a turkey dinner sounded amazing.

Then I heard about your dinner plans - and in the words of B.B. King, "The Thrill is Gone."

When asked what the menu would be you told us all, "It's a secret," adding only that you and my lovely niece had found "some recipes [you'd] like to try" and "we're excited to try cooking together."

Now, while I support your bonding time in the kitchen and can wholeheartedly admit you both are excellent cooks (and bakers), is Thanksgiving really the time to "try things?"

Typically, Thanksgiving is a bit of a potluck affair in our family, as everyone has a dish they love to make and all the traditional favorites end up on the table. Yet you told us all, "bring nothing." You even told our mother there would be no green bean casserole on the menu at all.

Say what?

So, what in the heck are we eating? Why is your Thanksgiving a solo deal where no one can know what's for dinner? Will my elastic-waist pants be completely wasted this turkey day?

Wait... Is there even going to be a turkey?

Sister, I am terrified of your Thanksgiving dinner. Though I know whatever you try is delicious and I have enjoyed experimental dinners at your house in the past, I ask you, is Thanksgiving really the day to do this? Isn't this particular meal a tradition not to be messed with? Isn't this the one dinner of the entire year to make the way people have come to expect?

Hungrily yours,


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