There are a lot of terms that shouldn't be taken literally, but 'poop deck' is definitely pretty high on that list.

Unfortunately, a few goons didn't get that memo, and the deputy harbormasters with the Wareham Department of Natural Resources have been the ones paying the price – no matter how 'crappy' that price is.

The Wareham DNR took to their Facebook page Saturday morning to – rightfully – share their grievances, after the department's deputy harbormasters had to clean up human feces from the bathroom floors of the Pier Building at Onset Beach.

"We get it, you have all put the meaning of 'poop deck' beyond its literal meaning," the Wareham DNR wrote. "PLEASE STOP[.] There are toilets there for that mission."

What makes it even worse is that this wasn't the first or even second time this has happened. Deputy harbormasters have had to clean up this crappy mess three times so far this year.

Fellow beachgoers and SouthCoast residents were disgusted to hear about the incidents, sharing their revulsion in the comments of the DNR's post.

"I'm horrified that this post is even necessary," Janelle Frazier Lewis wrote. "Very disappointing. Sorry you guys have gotten stuck cleaning up after disrespectful people."

Another resident even pointed to the beach's dog ban, making a very valid point in the whole 'dogs are better than humans' argument.

"But dogs are banned[;] Makes total sense," Jenny Cipriani wrote. "Ban humans now please. Love, dogs everywhere."

So although it really shouldn't be necessary, here's a note to all those visiting our beautiful local beaches near the SouthCoast. Please, for the love of all that is holy and right with the world, use the toilets to do your business. Don't be that person.

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