One Direction's debut fragrance, Our Moment, is a scent as sweet as their tunes -- and their commercial shows it. However, it also shows their silly side, which has become as much of a trademark as their harmonies and hot bods.

In the ad, set to 'The Sound of Music' song 'My Favorite Things,' Harry Styles inhales flower petals, Liam Payne caresses an assortment of berries, Louis Tomlinson embraces a grapefruit, Zayn Malik holds delicate white flowers and Niall Horan sniffs some scent samples.

And then the fun starts.

Hazza gets blown away by wind machines, Nialler surprises Payne with an extra hand holding a blackberry (the fruit, not the device) then gets surprised by a sock, Tomlinson rubs the grapefruit until it sprays him in the face and Malik gets flowers dumped on him ... and more.

Tune in for a chuckle. The guys are clearly in on the joke!