Last night (Dec. 12) on televisions everywhere, Barbara Walters presented her annual list of who she thought are the 10 Most Fascinating People, and our fave boys of One Direction made the list this year! But you probably knew that already.

"The British boy band One Direction is the hottest music act on the planet," began Walters in the opening of 1D's segment. "Their two albums, concerts, and endorsements have earned over $160 million in just two years."

Walters wasted no time in then introducing the guys individually, but when it came to Harry Styles, she quickly called him out as the "flirt" of the group, even mentioning his thing for older women, including 23-year-olds. Talking about Taylor Swift, much? Styles blushed and nodded, agreeing with Walters about his fascination for older women, and even dropped his head, leaving Walters to groan sarcastically over the 18-year-old's vice.

After introductions, Walters explained how the group came about on the U.K. version of 'X Factor,' and man, seeing them get rejected was sad, but to the delight of tweens everywhere, Simon Cowell saved them and decided to create a group. "It was just like another new challenge for us all when we got put together," said Styles. "We were kind of just so excited to have this new opportunity. It was just really exciting, it was amazing."

"It was a no brainer. We just wanted to see how far we'd get in the competition," added Zayn Malick. "And we were just like, 'Cool, let's give it a go.'"

And so, just two short years later, One Direction have reached such a high level of fame so quickly, they still haven't gotten used to it!

"It's amazing and we can't believe all the success and stuff that we've had so far," said Liam Payne. "It's just been a mad, wild ride really."

Of course, when you're one of the hottest bands around, you've got women throwing themselves at you, among other things ... like bras. Because, hey, it's the best way to get the guys' attention, right?

"Harry actually made an amazing catch once when we were onstage and someone threw a bra," Payne said. "He was in the middle of a solo and just went 'boom' and just caught it out of the sky."

Did you Directioners love the interview? We totally did, and our favorite might have been the fact that they have no plans to go their separate ways and attempt solo careers anytime soon!