Russia is getting ready to host the world and the problems are already happening!Four days before the Winter Games begin, Sochi staffers are looking for a few goose down men. The Olympics officially kick off Friday. Many staffers and volunteers are scurrying around the Black Sea resort of Sochi, trying to prepare for the glamorous opening ceremony and making sure all security protocols are in place. However, it turns out that Russia, despite spending a reported $51 billion on the most expensive Olympics ever, neglected a few major key details according to . Like pillows! It appears there aren’t enough pillows for the athletes in the Olympic Village.

Harry How/Getty Images

It seems like volunteers and staffers might now be asked to give up their own pillows to accommodate the athletes. It’s in line with what other citizen bloggers have been posting for the world to see before the Olympics. One guy even claims residents near the stadiums are forbidden from using wood-burning fireplaces to avoid unsightly smoke coming out of chimneys. Even though it’s the Winter Games. Should be a good games.