People have been asking for it, and Noodle Bowl New Bedford answered. Now you can sit and have your noodles served to you at this local favorite.

Noodle Bowl New Bedford has been serving lunch and dinner to rave reviews for a while now, but people were still hoping for sit down service.

And now they've got it.

As the owners explained on Facebook earlier today, the reason they shied away from a waitstaff was to pay employees a higher wage. It also meant a higher price on the food.

Now they are changing their game and becoming what they described as "a regular old restaurant."

And by this they mean you can now come in, sit down and be served at your table.

The new sit down service also come with lower prices, sure to make every noodle lover in town thrilled.

They do add that those in a rush or just looking to grab and go still can. You simply sit down at the bar to order and they'll have you outta there with a tasty meal in no time.

Today's Facebook post also noted that there would be other changes in the future and to keep checking back for more details.

Something definitely not changing however is the amazing food.

Noodle Bowl New Bedford has been getting rave reviews for their culinary skills on Yelp!, TripAdvisor and more.

And now you can stop in, sit down and enjoy all the noodles you want.

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