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It’s no secret that the Pickup family is involved with almost every single philanthropic endeavor on the SouthCoast. It’s nearly impossible to volunteer at an event with United Way of Greater New Bedford without seeing one of those bright-eyed smiles beaming back at you, ready to get to work. Each member of the family radiates positivity and love wherever they go, so it is no surprise to learn that the Pickup name is the force behind this latest initiative.

No Hate. Know Love.” is an online store with clothing items to promote positive change and love for others. A portion of proceeds from the sales will support local non-profits who provide works of love in the SouthCoast community. These include United Way of Greater New Bedford, Gnome Surf, and the Friends of Jack Foundation.

“The No Hate. Know Love.' project was started to combat the rising tensions and hatred being shared on social media and in communities around the world. Whether it’s cyber-bullying, shunning people with opposing views, community violence, or racial and religious prejudice - we need to stand against hate and stand up for love.”

This was inspired by one of the Pickup children experiencing cyber-bullying themselves. While the claims that this person was making were hateful and wildly inaccurate, they all saw fit to rise above the hate and respond in a way that offered love instead.

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Pickup

“I'm hoping the ‘No Hate. Know Love.’ project will spread positivity and love through all aspects of life,” says Abigail Pickup. “In a perfect world, when considered, people would realize that it takes more energy and more of their time to be hateful than it would take to just be kind and respectful to others. No matter what your thoughts or your opinions are, you should always be respectful because, at the end of the day, we are all human.”

Abigail, also called Abby, thinks that the world could probably benefit from going back to Kindergarten for a day to learn the most basic rule for treating one another. “It's like one of those things, just as my kindergarten teacher Mrs. Bancroft, would always say, ‘If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.’ I was always taught to treat others how I want to be treated and through this project, I hope that message can be shared.”

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Pickup

Click HERE to see the “No Hate. Know Love.” online store.

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