I am currently based in Central New York, and words commonly used in the Southcoast have rarely, if ever, been spoken here.  I asked some life-long residents of this area for their definition of such words.  Here are the responses:


Chelsea:  Some kind of measurement

Ryan:  A small pig

Ashley:  A garden tool

Deb:  The city from the show "Family Guy"


Chelsea:  A type of fancy curtain or drape

Ryan:  A type of spice

Ashley:  French wine

Deb:  Something Emeril uses in his recipes


Chelsea:  A flavor of schnapps

Ryan:  A city in Poland

Ashley:  A disease

Deb:  A Spanish dish with rice and beans


Chelsea:  Pajamas

Ryan:  A sinus condition

Ashley:  Another word for stuffed animals

Deb:  A baby's toy


Chelsea:  Also pajamas, but with feet

Ryan:  A brand of slippers

Ashley:  Goose bumps

Deb:  A tractor trailer

There you have it.  I'm now trying to find words commonly used only in the Central New York area, but this region is not as unique as the Southcoast.

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