There is new street art popping up on the SouthCoast thanks to a New York artist who frequents the SouthCoast.

“French Fry Girl” is the latest mural to grace the neighborhood from street artist TomBob. He posted a sneak peek yesterday on his Instagram of his new canvas and now, in place of a plain red wall, sits a young, brown-haired girl enjoying some large French fries inspired by the yellow, concrete parking blocks in front her.

“French Fry Girl” may be the latest addition, but it’s certainly not the first time TomBob has chosen the buildings of New Bedford as his canvas.

With paintbrush in hand, TomBob takes to the streets of New York and Massachusetts, turning ordinary sights like sewer caps and brick walls into eye-catching works of art. He uses the world around him to create incredible pieces, challenging our creative minds to see beyond what is in front of us. While we see a rock with green shrubbery, he sees a face with a green afro.

If you enjoy binge-worthy Instagram pages, TomBob is a must-follow. You will be scrolling for hours, uncovering his hidden gems that are scattered across the SouthCoast. From the bear sticking his tongue out at GNB Voc-Tech High School to the sprinkled donut in the middle of Buttonwood Park baseball field, they are all signs that TomBob was there.

Street art brings a sense of pop culture to the area, giving bricks and mortar a modern vibe and ordinary street signs a sense of humor.

It’s been a while since TomBob has returned to New Bedford, but his latest project reminds us that his creativity can strike at any time.

Some Tom Bob Creations Around the SouthCoast

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