It is finally here. The first official weekend of the New Hampshire Ice Castles.

I am so excited. The New Hampshire Ice Castles have finally announced that they are open for business as of Friday, January 10.

That means the first official weekend of the 2020 season is this weekend. And it is sure to be packed.

Typically the Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire open just after Christmas and people can check them out over school's winter break.

But this year Mother Nature kept things a tiny bit too warm to make that happen.

Despite the bitterly cold temperatures and several snowstorms at the end of November and beginning of December, things warmed right back up again around the holidays disappointing eager ice castle fans.

In fact, things were so warm for a while there that the ice sculptors were storing things in giant freezers to be put together like massive jigsaw puzzles once the temperatures dropped again.

And even though it has been steadily in the low to mid-40s around the SouthCoast, temps are around 10 degrees colder up in Lincoln, meaning they have been just around freezing for a high for several weeks now.

Perfect for creating this year's ice castles and brand new forest trail.

And now we can finally check this year's creation out for ourselves.

Tickets are on sale as of today, and will likely sell out fast with the shorter season.

They range from $11.99 for kids and $16.99 for adults on weekdays to $15.99 for kids and $20.99 for adults on weekends.

You can also get standby tickets when things sell out that may allow you to see this year's ice castles, but those tickets aren't guaranteed.

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