The Lucky Moose and The River are two of the three casinos in Nashua, New Hampshire. The River opened in 2016. The Lucky Moose will celebrate its first anniversary next week.

Don't picture Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun. It's closer to the Missouri Belle or the Big Muddy Riverboats in the Netflix blockbuster Ozark.

In fact, The Lucky Moose was formerly a Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, so that will give you a general idea of the size. Maximum bets are $10. Currently, there are 10 gaming tables and 65 slot machines on the premises. The new machines and tables arrived this week, and the casino is making space for the upgrade.

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The casinos have put the older equipment up for sale to the public.

The quality of these tables and machines are professional-grade. This isn't like the junk that you might find online. What it could be, though, is the perfect complement to your man cave.

The Lucky Moose is selling real blackjack and poker tables. With the arrival of its 65 electronic gaming machines, it also is selling its old casino furniture. The sale is cash-and-carry in Nashua, New Hampshire. Prices are still being set, but they are believed to be priced at roughly $600 per table.

Imagine: You could have New Bedford's first casino. After decades of hopes being dashed, the SouthCoast could finally have a spot for gambling.

Would it be legal? Sure! You just can't gamble for money; it would have to be strictly for fun. But that's beside the point.

Who else would want a "Lucky 7" machine stashed in their room above the garage?

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