Wondering what's up with the suspension bridge in Dartmouth's Frank Knowles/Little River Reserve? Hikers have been seeing something new.

Those that loved hiking in the Frank Knowles/Little River Reserve in Dartmouth may have noticed their favorite suspension bridge is off limits these days.

The Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust told hikers at the beginning of May that the bridge was being replaced with a boardwalk due to dangerous wear and tear.

As they posted on Facebook, the bridge was showing signs of wear that was not easily repaired so, to put safety first, the boardwalk has to be brought in instead.

And while the boardwalk is in and of itself a cool way to walk through the wetlands, many of those on Facebook were very disappointed in the loss of the bridge.

So far there are no plans in place to replace the bridge that has been taken down, but as Kendra Murray, the DNRT Development and Outreach Specialist, told me they are "assessing" the situation to decide the next step.

Many hikers of course hope that the next step is rebuilding and replacing, but for now the new boardwalk is the way to travel through Frank Knowles/Little River Reserve.