Nine-year-old Marley Dauphin is a lot like other New Bedford kids.  The Pulaski School student is enjoying her summer vacation, eating a lot of ice cream and doing a lot of swimming.  But, tonight she'll be doing something that no other New Bedford kid has ever done.  She'll appear on the big screen with one of Hollywood's elites.  Marley has a couple of scenes with Denzel Washington in his new movie The Equalizer 2.

Marley's manager, Mike Caputo, doesn't know exactly where in the movie she'll appear, but they suspect it will be at the beginning of the Boston based film.  One thing we know is that Marley will appear while eating Cheerios and Twizzlers.

"Denzell said to me, 'This is hard work, Marley'," she said.  "But I was like, try eating cereal and Twizzlers over and over again."  Marley says that the A-list actor was "very funny" and that the two of them really hit it off while the cameras were not running.  "We had our own secret handshake," says Marley.

Marley says that her parents made her save most of the money she made from her movie, but "they did let me buy a MacBook with some of it."

Mom and Dad are bringing the 9-year-old and some of her friends to see her work tonight at the movies.  Not surprisingly, this will be the first time her parents will let her watch a rated "R" movie.




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