The legendary Ma's (errr, Grand-Ma's) Donuts is expanding.  With the exception of a few years off, the donut and coffee shop has been a New Bedford institution since 1955.  They must have known they were doing something right when customers started lining up around the building looking to buy fresh donuts each weekend before they sold out.

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Now, Grand-Ma's Donuts is announcing that they are going to be expanding beyond just the donuts, coffee and treats menu that made them famous here on the SouthCoast.

Owner Hannah Lemieux tells us that Grand-Ma's Donuts will now be preparing lunch and dinner meals.  The menu will include chicken parmigiana, chicken broccoli and ziti, American chop suey, pulled pork sandwiches, shrimp and chicken alfredo, shrimp Mozambique, meatloaf and meat pies.  Basically, a menu of comfort food.  Scroll through the pictures below to see what you think.

Here's How It Works

Customers will have until Sunday to choose their meals from a rotating menu.  They'll order and pay for their meals in advance.  The prepped meals will be delivered on Tuesdays, with each meal individually priced between $10 and $15 each.

The orders can be placed by DM'ing or calling Grand-Ma's Donuts.  The first deliveries will be going out next Tuesday, January 10.

This is not the first time Lemieux has tried a business model like this.  She enjoyed prepping and delivering meals out of her parents' Ashley Boulevard restaurant, The Boat.  Lemieux also briefly carried the idea over to the donut shop during the pandemic, but put it on hold after her schedule changed with the birth of her son.

While the meal menu changes weekly, Lemieux says she knows the meals that are her best sellers.  "Definitely the pot roast and alfredo dishes," she said.  "They'll find their way onto the weekly menu regularly."

What's Next For Grand-Ma's Donuts?

This should make donut fans very happy.  Grand-Ma's Donuts tells Fun 107 that they have plans to start delivering donuts on Thursdays.  Delicious details to come.

Grand-Ma's Donuts Expands to Meal Prep

If you enjoy comfort food, you'll love one of the new changes coming to Grand-Ma's Donuts.

Gallery Credit: Michael Rock

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