We went around downtown New Bedford and snapped some photos of our favorite boat names.

  • 1

    Seas the Deal

    We'd like to think that this boat's name was inspired by Fun 107's famous Seize The Deal restaurant offers that we do each Friday on the Rock and Fox Show.

    Hannah Jope
  • 2


    Manly. Studly.  Not for the faint of heart.  It's....the GROWLER.

    Hannah Jope
  • 3

    Sea Angel

    For the softer side of New Bedford.  It's the Sea Angel.

    Hannah Jope
  • 4

    Nice Day Too

    For those of you who loved Nice Day...it's Nice Day Too.

    Hannah Jope
  • 5

    Big Dog

    Don't bring your dinghy near my Big Dog.

    Hannah Jope
  • 6

    Cool Change

    Was this New Bedford boat the end result of a divorce?

    Hannah Jope
  • 7

    Deck Talk

    Talk decky to me.

    Hannah Jope
  • 8

    Chubb's Tubb

    We don't want to ask.

    Hannah Jope