“I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat,” screamed all of the SouthCoast last night as the words "New Bedford" began to form on the iconic puzzle board during Tuesday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune.

New Bedford is no stranger to the small screen, appearing on Jeopardy! a few times before, but this time, it was the correct answer on the iconic television game show Wheel of Fortune. The theme of Tuesday’s episode was “Inns of New England” and the SouthCoast was seemingly the star of the show. During the "Crossword" portion of the show, contestant Kathy Allen of Marino Valley, California spun the wheel and landed on a trip to Massachusetts. She submitted the letter “L”, winning her a getaway to the Lighthouse Inn on the Cape. Kathy will enjoy cottage accommodations and waterfront dining, a prize worth $7,000.

Towards the end of the episode, Pat Sajak announced the start of a “Triple Toss Up” round, where the contestants try to solve the puzzle before it appears on the board. Their clue was “On the Map” as the letters began to light up.

Erica Jenkins from San Diego solved for the first puzzle, buzzing in with “New Haven, Connecticut,” but the real excitement for the SouthCoast began with puzzle number two, when Kathy Allen scored again.

As the letters continued to flash onto the screen, Kathy finally buzzed in the correct answer: “New Bedford, Massachusetts.” Mayor Jon Mitchell captured the moment on his Instagram account:

As a resident of Marino Valley, California, you have to give Kathy props. Not only did she solve that puzzle correctly, but she also scooped up a getaway to Cape Cod. If she wasn’t familiar with this area before, she certainly will be now.

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