From New Bedford city councilor to reality TV star on Married at First Sight, Steven Martins is the complete package when it comes to making people happy.

Season 14 of Married at First Sight premiered on January 5 and airs each Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime. This past Wednesday night in particular was a special night with some of the limelight for New Bedford with a special guest appearance from Martins. He's been a justice of the peace for Bristol County for the past five years and I've personally had both the pleasure and honor to work alongside him within the wedding industry.

On Wednesday, Martins appeared for the very first time as he married one of the couples, Chris and Alyssa. Now, talk about taking a leap of faith; not only was this couple meeting for the very first time at the alter, it was also the first time they met Martins as well.

"It's really awkward to be honest with you," Martins said. "Not only are the couples and myself meeting for the first time, but the families are also meeting for the first time. You're entering a place where everyone was kind of just looking at each other and waiting as the cameras were rolling."

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Martins' Couple Didn't Mesh as He Hoped They Would

"I'm watching the show for the first time as everyone else is," Martins said. "After I married them, I went home, so I didn't get to follow anyone's journey. I was a little surprised, because when I married them, she had a lot of tears that I thought were happy tears of nerves and joy, but little did we know that they were probably a different type of tears when she was at the alter."

The Tweet Heard Around the World Wide Web

One of the most shallowest things that Alyssa said, in my opinion, was when she said she wasn't happy with Chris's teeth. Martins blew up on Twitter after posting this amazing burn:

A Cold-Hearted Bride and a Head-Over-Heals Groom

"When I was watching the show, it felt as though she wasn't even giving Chris a chance," Martins said. "She was ignoring him, while he was trying to reach out and get to know her. It was his wedding day so he was on the dance floor trying to dance with his new wife and she kept walking away to dance with her friends instead. He was trying everything he could to connect with her and there was nothing he did wrong other than trying to welcome her into his life.

An Experience of a Lifetime for This Local Justice of the Peace

"It was a lot of fun, I had the fun part by marrying them," Martins said. "Although I thought everyone was happy, but the aftermath appears that there's a lot more to be seen."

An Easter Egg of Hope

As brutal as Alyssa was to Chris, Martins finds an Easter egg in one of the MAFS commercials that show the couple on their honeymoon together future episodes from now.

"Maybe she's giving Chris a chance," Martins said.

As for Martins, his Lifetime fame has not only made the SouthCoast proud, but has also taught us that love at first sight isn't all that it cracks up to be.

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