It's a sticky situation, but it's all about keeping streets safe.

The City of New Bedford's traffic commission has passed a new ordinance that requires all motor vehicles parked on city streets to have valid Massachusetts inspection stickers.

Under the new ordinance, which took effect immediately, any vehicle on a city street that has a missing or expired sticker is subject to a $50 fine. The citation can be issued by either New Bedford Police or city parking attendants.

"The reason for an inspection sticker is to make sure cars are safe on the road, and that's what the City of New Bedford is trying to do," City Councillor Brian Gomes told WBSM News, noting that other municipalities have adopted similar ordinances.

While the revenue from the citations will come back to the city, Gomes said it's not about the money. He said most of the time, cars that don't have valid stickers are because they can't pass the safety inspection, making them unfit to be on the roads. Gomes also said that some people are "hoarding" in cars, leaving them parked on city streets and stuffing them full of belongings as if they were storage units.

"It's to make the community a safer place," he said. "It's not so much about issuing tickets. It's about getting that car inspected and making sure there are safe cars on the road."

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