It's the sign that's heard around the SouthCoast: "My Neighbor Is a Karen."

If this is the first time you're hearing about the situation that's unfolded in the West End, you can read all about it here. Apparently, the person being called a "Karen" was not the older woman I spoke to, but in fact, her son, with whom she lives.

After meeting with both parties involved, I felt I needed to try to help them find a solution, so I invited them onto the Michael and Maddie Show to clear the air in hopes of resolving their neighborly dispute and to let the SouthCoast hear what they each had to say.

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First, we had Deidre Ramos on, who was the woman who said she put up the sign after being fed up with her neighbors constantly calling the cops on others in the neighborhood. After living in the West End for more than three years, the complaints were getting out of hand for her, including claims of being recorded on video, harassed daily, and a victim of a racial slur. This is the story she told this morning on-air:

About an hour later, we ended up hearing from the gentleman whom Ramos is referring to as "Karen" to tell his side of the story. His name is Jeffrey Raposa, and after only living at his current location for the past five months taking care of his elderly mother, he too is having complications with his neighbor and wanted to clear the air as well as his name. Since we heard from Ramos already, it's only fair to let him speak his mind on the current events involving a sign that is labeling him as a "Karen." He joined the Michael and Maddie Show earlier this morning and this is what he had to say:

Now that you've heard both sides directly from those involved, there's nothing left to do but hope that these neighbors find peace and can live next door to each other in harmony. One side is worried for her kids while the other is worried for his mother. Again, the sign still hangs and will remain so for the time being.

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