Shopping haul videos are an online trend. They are quick videos that highlight a shopper’s purchases, typically featuring hard-to-find items, and other really fun one-of-a-kind stuff or things that were an absolute bargain.

We’ve all put our stuff on the check-out belt wondering how hard the cashier is judging us based on our item selection, but Krystal Demoranville’s shopping haul video is what it is when you are a “middle aged woman," which is painfully average and hilarious.

Krystal’s shopping haul TikTok, which we can only hope was a one-take piece of excellence, features all of your middle-aged lady favorites like unsweetened banana chips, coconut macaroons, some International Delight coffee creamer, seafood salad, and parakeet food.

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Krystal’s “not youthful” haul will have you laughing and finding camaraderie in her #closertodeatheveryday and #over40 take on shopping, especially when she just accepts that a cashier referred to her as "ma’am."

Krystal’s other TikToks include why middle aged women really sit in their car by themselves instead of finally going into their house, and plenty of cat videos.

Best of all, you have probably all seen Krystal being a regular ol’ middle aged lady and didn’t even realize it.

Back in July, Fairhaven’s New England Animal Hospital posted a photo of her in a full cat costume to their Facebook page, proudly holding a cat-treat haul that she donated as a thank you to the staff for being so helpful to her family over the years.

Let’s all vow to find humor in everyday life and embrace our middle-agedness. I hope Krystal’s Middle Age Lady Haul becomes a thing, because quite frankly, I could watch these very relatable videos of average items all day long.

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