The long-awaited Mass Escape is opening this Thursday! Get a sneak peak here.

New Bedford's first escape room will officially open it's doors Thursday July 13 and they gave Fun 107 a first look at what players will be getting themselves into (and hopefully out of too!)

Mass Escape is right in downtown New Bedford on the third floor at 13 N 6th Street. And though it may be tricky to is totally worth a visit!

The guys behind the business are four friends from Westport who have literally known each other since they were six-years-old and have a serious love of escape rooms.

Ice Station Zero is their first escape room and it is an intense series of riddles that are super fun to solve.

They tell us their escape room is perfect for groups of 4-8 people and can be booked online at

And if your crew can secure the Ice Station, then make sure you check back with Mass Escape soon to solve the mystery of 44 Winter Wood Lane!

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